SenseGeni Tempo Cold Chain

SenseGeni Tempo Cold Chain

This post was first published on LinkedIn Pulse on September 26th, 2015

SenseGeni Tempo is a Smartphone-based disposable temperature monitoring solution for cold chain logistics. It incorporates state-of-the-art IoT sensors, synced with a mobile app and cloud technology.

“Get real-time temperatures of all shipment goods with SenseGeni Tempo”

Tempo tags your products and with the SenseGeni app, see real-time temperatures from time of order, up to the time of delivery of all items.


SenseGeni tags help you verify temperature sensitive shipments with real-time tracking anytime to ensure that they have been kept within the proper temperature range throughout their journey from the point of manufacturing to the point of consumption/delivery using smartphones.

Fully Customizable

You decide the interval of reporting of each package. You decide the alerts and range of temperature for each item. With SenseGeni, build the analytics of your cold chain logistics history & reliability and reduce logistical errors. Show partners and clients your reliability with smart data that is easily downloadable into any format, e.g. CSV, Excel, PDF.


Having a cost-effective wireless solution and mobile app makes real-time tracking for manufactures or stakeholders easier and the data of the transportation process more readily available to meet stricter tracking criteria in the Food, Pharma, medical supply and other industries.

Alerts, and temperature logs, can be checked at customized intervals and synced by mobile phones nearby who have the app installed and uploaded to the cloud automatically, right until the point of delivery. Just having the SenseGeni app installed, creates the Big data analytics real-time tracking loop.

By replacing proprietary hardware solutions such as RFID readers by a smartphone, inspection and data collection along the cold chain is made much more affordable, more frequent and smarter.

Our Solution

 The SenseGeni Tempo tags are convenient in that they are:

  • Very affordable
  • One time use – disposable
  • Designed for convenience
  • Real-time continuous temperature records stored on the tag
  • Temperature and location data is unloaded automatically by any Smartphone with the SenseGeni app, within a 30m range. This requires zero-click intervention from the smartphone user.
  • The tags themselves are very small and lightweight temperature recording tags (~30% the size of a credit card and 15gm in weight).
  • The tags are typically placed in the shipment, in each individual container, box or package.
  • The wireless functionality affords a continual data gateway for tracking temperature and location by shipment stakeholders.
  • Multiple shipments can easily be tracked, and anomalies & corrected in real-time.
  • Features alert and alarm notification and customizable thresholds
  • The SenseGeni App can be installed with inspectors, truck drivers and delivery people and receiving personnel for maximum efficiency.

Pilot Study

If you are located near the state of California or the province of Quebec, do not hesitate to get in touch with me and we can discuss a pilot project if you are interested in seeing how the system works, how easy it is to set up and how affordable it is to run on an ongoing basis.

We believe this is a breakthrough product in cold chain logistics that can save big companies and corporations revenue, improve B2B customer satisfaction and regulate themselves better with smarter data across their cold supply chain and the distribution & transport of their products.

Who is the Solution Intended for?

The solution is intended for any corporate entity in the business of transporting temperature sensitive cargo, often pertaining to:

Cargo that is perishable, temperature-sensitive and requires special conditions or is time-urgent in addition. Typical industries might include:

  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Medical Supplies (Vaccines)
  • Biological products (e.g. human blood)
  • Flowers & Plants
  • Chemical Industry

Since adherence to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is very stringent, having smart data and analytics associated with each shipment is advantageous and will become the norm.

SenseGeni aspires to greatly facilitate and reduce the cost of your quality management system. Your cold supply chain must be: analyzed, measured, controlled, documented and validated.

Demonstrating real-time temperatures all along the shipment, is the easiest way to automate validation. Therefore if your company is audited by regulators, you have the smart data on individual shipments without the expensive temperature data loggers.

The SenseGeni solution is therefore a critical part of your CCQI (Cool Chain Quality Indicator) methodology.

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