SenseGeni Tempo Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Happy Pill

SenseGeni Tempo Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Happy Pill

This post first appeared on LinkedIn pulse on September 19th, 2015

An effective and well-managed cold chain supply line is imperative to a pharmaceutical company and its consumers. Because the smallest change in temperature can adversely affect a product and cause a ripple effect in the supply line, managing the cold chain supply line properly is key. According to Pharma Pro, “If drug quality is compromised by exposure to inappropriate conditions during transport and storage, drug consumers may suffer adverse consequences.” This means that a missed temperature change along the cold chain can end up hurting people.

Such a trend will increase going forward: Chainlink Research states, “Temperature-sensitive drugs will soon dominate the pharmaceuticals market. By 2016, eight of the top ten best-selling global drug products (and 83% of the top 10’s revenue) will be biologics requiring 2 degree Celsius to 8 degree Celsius/do not freeze storage and handling regime.” This means general guidelines of how to store medication and current tagging technology that lets you know where medication is in the supply chain will not suffice. This could lead to medication arriving on location damaged and unusable before you are even aware of this problem. This can cost companies’ their bottom line.

The trend of RFID solutions to manage cold chain technologies operations could soon be changing. Smartphone technology will change the way cold chain supply lines run and help avoid costly hiccups. By replacing proprietary hardware solutions such as RFID readers by smartphones, inspection and data collection along the cold chain is made much more affordable, more frequent and smarter. Such a solution is cost-effective, easy to use and can help manage the cold chain technologies operations efficiently.

SenseGeni is a new innovative cold chain technology that takes advantage of smartphones and the cloud to solve the cold chain technologies operations problem. SenseGeni will ensure there are no costly gaps in the supply chain. The technology uses an ultra-thin, disposable sensor that goes on the packaging at the start of the supply chain journey. Using the SenseGeni smartphone application, anyone involved in the supply chain simply needs to stand near the shipment and the smartphone will automatically scan the sensors with zero intervention from the person. The information is then securely uploaded to the cloud where anyone can get up-to-date information on the temperature of the shipment. BecauseSenseGeni uses existing smartphone technology, it is very cost effective. This technology and its processes hold so many benefits for the pharmaceutical industry. 

A Video about How SenseGeni Works

According to WHO, “The global pharmaceuticals market is worth US$300 billion a year, a figure expected to rise to US$400 billion within three years.” That means that there is no room for risk of bad shipments and unhappy customers due to lack of oversight in the cold chain supply line. With SenseGeni, pharmaceutical companies will be able to spot a problem when it occurs and correct it almost immediately. This will save headaches, money, time, and human resources.

They say there is no such thing as a happy pill, but one could argue thatSenseGeni is a happy pill because with it, you have happy customers and a better bottom line financially, which means happy shareholders and consumers.SenseGeni solves your cold chain technologies supply chain gaps and makes everyone, well, happy.

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